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Debunking Common Eyecare Myths

Myths about taking proper care of your eyes are commonplace, with many adults using them as guidelines to care for their own eye health and that of their family. While taking care of your vision is important, many of the myths that patients were told as children are not actually true.

In order to provide a greater insight into the truths and myths behind proper eye care, Landa & Landa Eyecare Specialists has made this guide for patients.

Myth: Reading in Dim Light Causes Eye Damage

False: As children, many of us were told that reading in the dim light would lead to permanent eye damage. While this can actually strain the eyes, causing fatigue and headaches, there is no evidence that reading in environments with low light causes any lasting damage.

Myth: Looking at Screens Too Closely or for Too Long Damages the Eye

False: Another common childhood myth is the belief that sitting close to a television screen or looking for too long at a computer screen can cause permanent damage. Like reading in low light, these activities have only been linked to temporary eye fatigue and headaches. Children are more likely to sit closer to screens because their eyes are more accustomed to short range vision.

Myth: Eating Carrots Improves Eye Health

Mostly False: While vitamin A is essential to eye health, only a small amount is necessary. Carrots are a great source of this vitamin, though the amount they contain is more than is necessary for good vision. However, patients are encouraged to eat plenty of carrots and vegetables as ensuring overall bodily health can complement good ocular health in both the short and long term.

Get the Facts and Stay Healthy!

At Landa & Landa Eyecare Specialists, we are committed to educating patients on proper and proven methods to maintain their eye health. One of the best ways to ensure you are not affected by prematurely poor vision is to visit a doctor specializing in eye care.

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