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Contact Lenses

contact lensSavannah contact lens provider – Acuvue & Ciba Vision lenses – eye exams

Ordering lenses with Landa and Landa Eye Careis fast and easy.

Types of contact lenses

  • Ciba Vision
  • Cooper Vision

Elizabeth H. Landa, MD performs all contact lens exams and fittings. Call (912)355-1091 to schedule your appointment today.

*Please remember to wear your contact lenses to your appointment.

Dr. Landa’s recommendations regarding caring for your contact lenses

  • Wash hands properly before handling contacts and coming in contact with your eyes.
  • Clean and store your contact lenses as directed.
  • Store contact lenses properly and replace your cases monthly.
  • Discard lenses as directed.
  • Contact us if you experience chronic blurry vision, redness, and severe itching.
  • Do not go to sleep with your contacts in overnight.

Lens wear helpful hints

  • Follow Dr. Landa’s instructions on lens care.
  • Use appropriate sunglasses while in the sun.
  • Do not rub eyes while wearing contact lenses.
  • Have a pair of back up glasses with your current prescription.

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