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What Can I Do About Sensitive Teeth?

If you have sensitive teeth, you could be experiencing discomfort due to decay, genetics, age, or even over-brushing! When bacteria build up along the gum-line the dentin becomes exposed, and the microscopic pores that lead to the nerve of the tooth are left unprotected. Other common causes of sensitive teeth include: Acidic Foods and Drinks… Read More

Advanced Oral Health Care with Laser Technology

Many dental offices today are adopting innovations that improve the variety and accuracy of procedures they can provide. One of the latest technologies available to aid in soft and hard tissue procedures is dental lasers, which are growing in popularity and functionality. With the ability to provide a wide variety of treatments from gum re-contouring… Read More

How Untreated Medical Conditions Lead to Loss of Eyesight

The eye is a complex, fascinating organ. Sight requires multiple parts to flawlessly work in conjunction with one another: The lens, the retina, the iris, and optic nerves. These individual aspects all function together to take in light, process it, and send it to the brain to be interpreted as vision. However, if any of… Read More

Debunking Common Eyecare Myths

Myths about taking proper care of your eyes are commonplace, with many adults using them as guidelines to care for their own eye health and that of their family. While taking care of your vision is important, many of the myths that patients were told as children are not actually true. In order to provide… Read More

Understanding How Cataracts Form

Some people may be familiar with the changes in appearance cataracts cause, which include milky cloudiness. The early stages of this condition often have little noticeable effect on your ability to see’ however, as the cataract progresses, patients have difficulty performing regular tasks such as driving and reading. At Landa & Landa Eye Care Specialists,… Read More

What are Chalazions and Styes?

Your eye is a sensitive area and the smallest disruption to the normal structure can create discomfort and worry. Chalzions and styes are small lumps/bumps that can develop along the eyelid for separate distinct reasons. Pronounced kuh-lay-zee-un, a chalazion is a lump in the eyelid created by a blocked oil gland, technically called the Meibomian… Read More

Why is Cataract Surgery Necessary?

Is your eyesight is consistently blurry? Is the glare caused by night time driving making it hard to see the road? If so you may have a serious problem with your vision. Anytime you have a change in vision that lasts for an extended period of time, it is best to call your eye specialist…. Read More